When Pockets Get Political

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When the time rolls around to rock a brand new outfit, excitement generally ensues. However, it can be difficult to know where to search for that perfect look. If you’re in the mood for fashion with function (as in: pockets), choices can sometimes seem scarce. That is, until you discover the friendly threads at Matrushka Construction.

pink octopus belted blouseHave you ever purchased a pair of women’s pants, the ones with the two-inch zipper and a collection of fake “pockets” that are all maddeningly sewn shut? A bitter realization slowly dawns…someone, somewhere, clearly went out of their way to not only design these pants but to actually sew their pockets closed, rendering their pocket-y purpose null and void. This type of silliness has ever prevented many an everyday superwoman from carrying with her that crucial trinity of keys, wallet, and phone (forget about the lip balm).

Then there are purses. These are cumbersome, sometimes very heavy baggage that are easy to lose, to forget, to overpack, or to have stolen from your very person. You, too, may be bored with these weighty accessories. Far from showcasing any sort of ergonomic design, purses can compromise your shoulders and your posture, too.

Why all the resistance against women carrying hidden objects in their clothing? Perhaps a clue lies in the truth that women have often been seen as objects for a very long time, and those full pockets brazenly break the line of the body.

One take on women’s pocketry, as voiced by Emma Harner, even likens the lack of pockets in women’s clothing to the way that women’s lives, as all humans, are literally shaped by what they wear. She references the institutions of corsetry and foot binding, extreme ways that women have traded an imaginary beauty for their own physical comfort and health. Seen through this lens, the issue can hit close to home and point to much larger issues. Harner also points out, ironically, that those corseted Victorian ladies at least had their very own billowing, pragmatic pockets hidden in the folds of their skirts, in which to carry items for the day’s escapades.

Album Cover SkirtAs women these days, it’s easy to take it for granted that our clothes are not always made for carrying things around as we move about our world, performing our typical everyday feats of greatness and wonder. Pockets have traditionally been a male domain. But now, gender roles are being beautifully redefined and rearranged before our eyes, everyday and everywhere, by all kinds of people.

Here’s where we get excited. At Matrushka Construction, we are actively changing this anti-pocket madness. Matrushka gives you options when it comes to pockets. We administer a healthy dose of utilitarian glam for any and all occasions. On perusing our collections, you’ll discover a wonderful adornment of pockets on select dresses, jumpsuits and more. Matrushka Construction makes an ever-changing collection with our steadfast gems, and we also present plentiful looks with those coveted pockets! We know there are many times when you want to carry things with you, without a giant bag to drag you down around town. We are makers of cool solutions for your busy life, stitch by stitch. Let’s make room for those pockets of rebellion!

When you think Matrushka Construction, many adjectives probably come to mind. Colorful? Of course. Unique? Absolutely. Utilitarian? YES! We bring sustainable chic to functional clothing. Who says you can’t have both? As a proudly women-owned and operated business, clothes for gals of all styles is where Matrushka Construction shines forth. Customization is always available to tailor your perfect fit, and you can shop with ease knowing you’re supporting a business with meaningful values.

So stop on by our friendly Sunset Blvd. storefront, visit us online or get in touch today. We would love to hear from you!

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