Matrushka: All Dolled Up in Black and White By Quynbi Ada

Posted by Laura Howe on

Forever in style, elegantly timeless, and thoroughly classic, the versatile combination of black and white has stood the test of the ages. It’s the epitome of fancy. And in a world where we are constantly pulled upon to pick a side, the concept of merging with black and white can be both liberating and clarifying. Even within these extreme shades, we can embrace the grey areas and find balance somewhere in the middle for our own well being and peace of mind.

Think film noir, night and day, or fleeting pharmaceutical reassurances -- the magic of black and white is here to save us all. As polarized as the world may tend to be in certain circles (you know who you are), we can consolidate our powers in the light and shadow. And we can step out in style.

So what about black and white in fashion? The blending of the ends of an imaginary continuum is what the House of Matrushka is all about. Consider the Black and White Tunic Dress, comfortably blurring the hard lines between light and dark. As though engaged in a friendly game of chess, Matrushka Construction designer Laura Howe plays with times past using her classic punky plaid fabric. A soft petal collar contrasts with this linear look.

They say that opposites attract. Like an old photograph in black and white, Matrushka’s sultry Prismatic Petals Veronica Lake style frock gives a singular, antique feel for the good of the masses. This cut is one of Matrushka’s signature patterns, flattering any figure. Dress this dress up with some sexy heels for a fun night out on the town or with some chunky black boots for more of a mysterious, goth look. But don’t let the optical illusion fool you… these curving stripes are suggestive of a dirty purity only a real wild one can pull off.

Cleopatra was the almighty Queen of the Nile, and harkens back to an ancient time of deep spirituality and sacred religious rites. In honor of the body, Matrushka’s Black Shimmer Cleopatra Double-tiered Dress rocks out the good life in sweet street style. Sleek and antiseptic, this little number is clean and fresh, offering a new clarity of vision and focus. We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Think of fashion’s homage to black and white as a precarious yin/yang balancing act upon which one can showcase their best self. With echoes back to an old tune from pre-color TV America, you can thank the powers of vintage for shaping up the world in contrast as we know it today.

This Labor Day, let Matrushka honor all of the hard work you do in all the aspects of your life. In stark contrast, we hope to offer a bit of fresh air to counter the heat of the day. Online or in the shop, enjoy a special sale as our way of thanking you for being a badass and contributing to the betterment of the world!

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