Tailoring All the Goddesses: Matrushka's Customization Process

Posted by Laura Howe on

Article by Quynbi

Any way you wear it, there’s nothing quite like the feel of an expertly tailored look. It’s the singular sensation of stepping out in a great style that fits like a glove, as though it were made just for you. It makes you walk a little taller, a little brighter, ready to take on the world.

At Matrushka Construction, we specialize in customizing. From in-store alterations to fully personalized threads, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are an L.A. local or placing an order from afar, our masterful team at the boutique makes it their business to assist you in looking your very best. Need an inch off the hemline? Dreaming of turning that gown into a hi/low? Or maybe you require just a smidge off the waist? No problem.

This tailor made attention to individual details has proved to be fundamental to the Matrushka ethos, and it pays homage to a long standing tradition that you likely won’t encounter at every dress shop these days.

We create original ensembles on site to please any palate, showcasing versatile, head-turning statement prints, whimsical frocks and elegant numbers that can be spotted regularly everywhere from the urban jungle to the red carpet.

At present, Matrushka is busy curating our signature textiles and gearing up the sergers in preparation for our holiday and awards ceremony rush, the season when we are up to our bobbins in special orders. But don’t worry, there is always room for more at Matrushka Construction. Give us a ring, drop a line or stop by the store. You are sure to experience the difference with a tailor made look crafted just to your particular specifications.

We’re living in an age of instant gratification. At the same time, we all crave a little personal attention. At Matrushka Construction, we’ve got the best of both worlds.

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