Rory Devine: Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes at LSH

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LSH CoLAB is pleased to present
Rory Devine – Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes.

Opening Sunday, September 16th 2018. Closing Sunday, October 7th 2018.

LSH • 778 North Virgil Ave. Los Angeles, California 90029

Devine is most well known for his representational paintings that comment on the pathos and anxieties of contemporary life. With these paintings, Devine introduces a convincing language of abstraction, each one a delicate balance of color line and form. Devine says of these works “I wanted to make a bunch of paintings of abstract paintings”. This detachment from the subject relates to Devine’s representational paintings, where images are sourced from the internet, cropped rendered, and colored by the artist. These abstract works employ basic premises of abstraction, but do it in a self-conscious, idiosyncratic way, which makes them a fascinating addition to Devine’s Visual Language.
Inspired by textile patterns, the Op Art paintings of Bridgett Riley, and mark making that alludes to the passage of time, Devine’s elegantly composed paintings of the components of abstraction are rendered in delicate glazes of thinned paint, creating illusionistic depth and dimension. Each painting appears to have a reference in ordinary everyday life, whether it be in the repetitive mark making, or the clever, titles, Devine’s new body of painting are some of his most compelling works.

Rory Devine has had several one-person shows, most recently in 2015 at C. Nichols project and 2014 at CB1 Gallery, both in Los Angeles. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and is in many private collections. Devine is also a respected curator who has curated exhibitions with numerous artists throughout the years.

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