SHOWCASE #1 at Matrushka

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September 30 – November 27


Alison Frey Andersson, Lester Monzon, Matthew Scarlett, Andre Yi • Organized by Rory Devine

Lester Monzon Untitled 20 x 16 inches Acrylic, graphite on gesso Belgian linen over panel board

Lester Monzon
20 x 16 inches
Acrylic, graphite on gesso
Belgian linen over panel board

Matrushka Construction is pleased to present SHOWCASE #1 which includes work by Los Angeles based artists ALISON FREY ANDERSSON, LESTER MONZON, MATTHEW SCARLETT, ANDRE YI, curated by Rory Devine.

The exhibition, opening Friday, Sept 30, 2016, is the first in a series of planned exhibitions presented by Curator Rory Devine. This exhibition continues the tradition established by Matrushka Construction for showcasing contemporary art, primarily by Los Angeles Artists.

Matthew Scarlett Untitled, 2016 Oil on panel 20 x 24"

Matthew Scarlett
Tree stumps
Oil on canvas over panel
22″ x 27.5″

Devine’s curatorial approach has often been to display disparate works by artist peers to create an informal, casual dialogue of contemporary art.

Alison Frey Andersson has made paintings and sculptures out of dyed and shredded denin, and often incorporates textile material in her work. Her work references the sea, as a silent, poetic source of inspiration, and also challenges the viewer in her unconventional approach to art making.

Lester Monzon is a well respected Los Angeles painter who has, through an impressive body of work, created intruiging paintings which juxtupoze a formal, imposed grid structure with loaded brushstrokes and mark making. Monzon’s work has frequently contained a masterful mixture of painterly intuition and intelligence.

Matthew Scarlett is a painter working in Los Angeles. His seemingly banal paintings of stacks of tires, construction sites, and unpopulated urban scenes, are at the same time, wonderfully painted, emotionally complex and compel the viewer how much of strange modern life we take for granted living in a crowded, car fueled, urban landscape.

Andre Yi’s collages and sculptures are both humble and wildly ambitious. At first glance, references to such diverse artists as Vladimir Tatlin, Richard Tuttle and Pedro Cabrita Reiss abound, when upon further reflection, Yi’s work reveals a sensibility all its’ own, a compelling, dynamic collision of formal concerns, materiality and design.

Opening Night Reception

Friday, September 30 | 7:00-9:00PM

Matrushka Construction

3822 Sunset Blvd

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