Matrushka T-Shirt Nite November 4: Stop, Drop and Vote!

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Stop, Drop, and Vote!

This is not a drill, folks – our world is on fire – hate, distrust, and violence are threatening the fabric of our community. Let’s join together to work toward solutions… and have some fun while we are doing it!

Matrushka Construction and friends are throwing a party, a party for an important cause. It is the “back by necessity” T-Shirt Night Against Gun Violence. There is going to be a sewing frenzy at Matrushka on November 4, a gathering of community to raise awareness and funds to support anti-gun violence causes.

It’s a party for your right to fight… the gun lobby! It is a night of fun and creative mayhem as social action promoting peace and social justice! Lets come together to dance, sing, and raise our voices to say, “Enough!” Let’s take our communities back from those who profit from the sale of guns and who use those profits to silence our legislative voice. For only $20, you can get a custom t-shirt made at Matrushka! We’ve got a ton of silk screen patches to choose from, and we will make your t-shirt while you enjoy music, food, and community. Proceeds from this event will go directly to Coalition to Stop Gun Violence…Everytown.













We share a belief that all people, all children, all humans of ALL KINDS, should NEVER have to die by the hands of a gun.

We believe that all people, REPEAT – ALL PEOPLE – deserve to feel safe.

We believe in the power of community.

And, we believe we need to do something about it.

Please join us for an extravaganza at Matrushka on November 4 for a night of unity through community that are OPPOSED TO THE VIOLENCE THAT HUMAN BEINGS COMMIT WITH GUNS.

What can you do right now?

Tell your friends, family and community to come out for a night of sewing, unity, conversation, dancing and more.


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