Matrushka on TV: No Tomorrow (CW)

Posted by Laura Howe on

Looks like Hollywood stylists have been sneaking into our store again! No Tomorrow is a new series set to premiere on the CW network on October 4, and looks like the main character Evie is a fan of our style in her Matrushka hummingbird t-shirt. This show is set right here in our neighborhood of Echo Park, and the production designers must have gone out of their way for this level of authenticity! We’re looking forward to this romantic comedy series about finding love during – wait for it – the coming apocalypse. It’s way cuter than it sounds, just watch the trailer below, and don’t miss the Matrushka cameo at the 4:20 mark. Oh, and that hummingbird shirt? Still for sale: Matrushka Hummingbird T-Shirt

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