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Though we are living in the midst of a global pandemic, there are still plenty of opportunities to show off some serious (and comfortable!) style…even if only in the mirror. Is there anything more befitting than a custom, specialized look that was made specifically for your one-of-a-kind shape?

When you shop bespoke items, or clothes made custom for you from scratch, you discover the joy of wearing an outfit tailored just for your unique physique. And since 2002, Matrushka Construction has mastered the art of customizing clothes for people of all shapes and sizes.

Everybody is different. So why should clothing come out like the product of a cookie-cutter? Size really is relative, and for Matrushka owner and designer Laura Howe, creating distinctive looks with a purpose for her diverse clientele is a service to humans in general.

Online shopping can be a thrill and a blessing, especially in the era of social distance and quarantine.

But have you ever received an online clothing purchase in your mailbox, tearing into the layers of packaging like a little kid, only to discover that your garment is low quality, ill-fitting, and ill-flattering once you actually see it in person?

You are not alone. Surfing the interwebs for threads can be totally hit or miss, as well as a financial risk. Online shops might not accept returns, and if they do, you could lose cash on the postage shipping it back.

But there is a way to minimize the disappointment, hassle, and expense of returns to those virtual stores. It’s easy to order your pieces custom-tailored from the team at Matrushka Construction.

It’s a bit surprising that in our age of personalization, few clothing companies have actually jumped on board with the customization concept. The process does require some extra time and attention for the client and designer, but the results are clearly their own reward.

So how do you find your own measurements? Well, we’re glad you asked. Check out our DIY measurement video that will take you through the process seamlessly, step by step. Pay special attention to that inseam (the measurement from your crotch to floor) and the torso (your shoulder to crotch) for a perfect fit.

Matrushka offers a free measuring tape with orders of $100 or more. And if there are any issues with your fit, the company even sends you off with pins so you can indicate your desired adjustments.

With Matrushka’s vast stylistic range, you’re virtually guaranteed to find that match-made-in-heaven design, one that fits and flatters beautifully. You’ll also discover a treasure trove of personalized wardrobe items from this Silverlake powerhouse. So browse the online boutique or stop by the shop (by appointment only) and experience the magic of custom fashion!

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