Manifesting with Matrushka and Ann Magnuson

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There is talent, and there is supertalent. And when two supertalents come together, magic is in the air, and the world is a better place for us all.

Kudos to Matrushka’s Laura Howe and to beloved cult goddess Ann Magnuson for reinforcing the idea that dreams really do come true. The duo accomplishes this feat via an artistic collaboration handmade in dreamland.

Actor, artist, musician, curator, performer, and celebrated creative Ann Magnuson happens to also be a loyal Matrushka client, further enhancing LA’s uber-hip Silverlake scene.

As articulated from Magnuson’s bio for Gavlak Gallery:

“Magnuson’s general response to the pandemic lockdown has been to pick up her childhood hobby of sewing and create a parallel universe where she and her cohorts gain agency and control of an increasingly out-of-control narrative. With these creations comes the cultivation of healing and calm during this tumultuous time.

“From a combination of her West Virginia roots, the ancestral knowledge passed from her grandmother, and her own artistic voice comes MOONAGE DAYDREAMER, featuring textile wall hangings and talismans each uniquely crafted during the pandemic. Bringing together natural elements of light and dark, sun and moon, opposing and integral forces as meditative and healing power to a wounded world.”But let’s back up a minute.

At the tender age of 16, Ann Magnuson dreamed a dream about David Bowie. This may not have set her apart from her peers at the time, who likely lusted after the heartthrob in turn. But the drawing she was inspired to make of Bowie did set her apart.

Magnuson’s cult figurehood blossomed in the 70s and 80s in New York when she was mingling with the likes of Keith Haring, Basquiat, Warhol, and of course, David Bowie. She appeared with the legendary Bowie in 1983’s The Hunger for a memorable kiss, and her notoriety persists to this day.

Magnuson’s remarkable sweet sixteen drawing, the drawing that started it all, has since become an iconic representation that has landed on the hippest pair of PJs you can imagine.

Folks, we bring you: Ziggy Jams.

Featuring Magnuson’s illustration of Bowie’s dreamy face repeating exponentially across a dreamscape of 100% organic stretch cotton, you can wear the Jams as a set or with the matching pants and/or shorts. The T-shirt top comes in a classic cut, which can be worn on its own. The pants and shorts rock an elastic waistband and front pockets to help you tote nite time items like lip balm, melatonin gummies, and night guards off to bed.And Ziggy Jams are just the start. Art and fashion stitch together with the upcoming MOONAGE DAYDREAMER series, a Matrushka/Magnuson manifestation. Matrushka mastermind Laura Howe communes with Ann Magnuson this winter to explore the seams where fashion and art meet.

What began as a teenage dream is all grown up now in the form of Ziggy Jams, within which we are encouraged to dream our own dreams, and to manifest all the good ones.

And just in case that’s not enough of the fabulous Ann Magnuson for you, check out her feature in the new Keith Haring documentary. Airing November 28, the show is part of the PBS American Masters Series, and we can’t wait to watch.

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