The Matrushka Jumpsuit

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It’s 2021, and it’s safe to say that, collectively, we have made a little bit of progress. Still, it’s not exactly safe out there in terms of the pandemic, etc. So it’s only right that many people continue to generally maintain their distance from most of the world at large.

Great strides are being made, and even more strides are needed. But whether you savor every little moment of pandemic solitude or seriously crave human company, it’s best to hunker down in your comfort pod and settle in for a while longer if you can.

That’s where Matrushka Construction comes in. Matrushka gets that it’s an odd time to walk the Earth. They know that cultivating comfort where you find it is an invaluable practice, part of a larger focus on self-care and wellbeing. The fashion game has changed.

Since 2002, Matrushka’s brand has advocated for comfort with style, in sharp contrast to some fashion philosophies. Matrushka is a label that wants you to feel good in your clothes all day long, not only as you inhabit their elegantly playful designs, but also from a fit that truly flatters. To attain this target, Matrushka even customizes to your individual curves so as to achieve the optimal level of Perfect Outfit.

But these days, some of us need something beyond an outfit. What we need is a uniform. A uniform that can do double and even triple duty, sporting a few different personalities in the mix.

Clearly, it’s got to be a comfortable uniform. One that exists in service to the good fight. One that makes you feel like you can take on that to-do list, whether you’re booked for a socially distant business meeting, a Zoom rendezvous, or an urgent appointment with the knitters in your best reading chair.

What better way to do this than by rocking a signature Matrushka jumpsuit? Not only are they super comfy, but these looks are also a complete and convenient outfit with a single piece of clothing to actually put on. It’s a one-piece step to feeling all the way put together.

These days, it’s imperative that we are able to move seamlessly from our various home activities to the world beyond that front door. Because, who wants to make a big fuss? With Matrushka’s take on the jumpsuit, you can be ready to jump in a heartbeat. (PJs as outerwear? Gasp! No one will know.)

Choose from a collection of Matrushka-worthy prints. The jumpsuit comes in a pant or shorts style, whatever’s your jam. Matrushka mastermind Laura Howe tells us that even more swoony styles are on the way. Always made just for you!

So even though so many of us are spending time at home now more than ever, a day-to-night look is always in order… even if you have no actual plans to go out. And now more than ever, we value an outfit that can double as an in-fit… because it’s a weird, wild world out there.

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