Mask-erading with Matrushka

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Matrushka Makes Masks

2020 has been a wild ride. But many folks, like the ones at Matrushka Construction, have risen above and beyond the call to lend a hand during one of the most unprecedented moments in our lives.

Since news of COVID-19 broke out earlier this year, Matrushka has stepped up to help. By creating thoughtfully designed, affordable, and sustainably-made face masks to help weather the storm wrought by the virus, Matrushka has also helped to restore us to a sense of ordinariness by offering them in a choice of styles.

Helping people stay safe with all-cotton, adjustable, reusable face masks, along with the brand’s usual offerings of awesomeness, has turned out to be a blessing for many. Not only are Matrushka masks essential for navigating our world as it is today, but they’re cute, too, coming in an array of prints and patterns. Of course, this is no less than one would expect from the fun fashion house that is Matrushka.

Their playful fabric pairings have attracted attention from quite a collection of media outlets, including The Los Angeles Times, NBC’s Today, Popsugar, and LA Weekly. The press skyrocketed their once-mini mask-making enterprise into a driving force behind the Matrushka name.


Masks Help Keep Us All Healthy

According to the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, face masks help slow the spread of COVID-19 and should be worn at all times around anyone who doesn’t live in your household. Washable masks are an invaluable tool for staying protected while the pandemic rages on.

In a brilliant move to help us maintain a sense of normalcy, Matrushka’s face covering styles have us wearing our masks fashionably. The masks are non-medical grade and wearing one assists with Matrushka’s regular donations to essential workers and nonprofit organizations. Your choice also helps to give job opportunities for skilled workers.


Matrushka Masks are Gender Neutral … and Showcase Your Unique Style

Whether your personal fashion requires a look that features a kitty kaleidoscope, a puppy pattern, or pinstripe, or even that famous red octopus motif to cover your face, Matrushka’s got both your safety and your style in mind.

Their adjustable, all-cotton face coverings are double-sided, so it’s a lot like getting two masks in one. Some looks even have matching clothes to go with them. Matrushka can expertly outfit your entire look no matter where you identify on the gender — or style — continuum.


A Perfect Part of Your Halloween Safety Toolkit

Socially-distant celebrations for Fall holidays like Halloween are fast approaching. With Matrushka’s collection of vibrant, sassy, and super fun face coverings, your costume will thank you! And did you know that Matrushka masks also come in kids’ sizes?

Masks of various themes have long been part of Halloween festivities when the veil between worlds is said to be thinnest. This year, you can build an incredible costume with Matrushka and add another layer of quirky mystique to your wardrobe, despite the gloom of the pandemic. Remember to tag your best costumery with #MyMatrushka and #MatrushkaMasks! Stay safe out there!


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