Kim-Joy Sports a Matrushka Classic

Posted by Laura Howe on

An endearing culinary starlet, a rockstar Los Angeles designer, and a certain charming frock populated with felines deep in study and meditation.


What does it all mean, you may ask?


Matrushka is thrilled to announce another very special shout out, this time from The Great British Bake Off’s thoroughly lovely Kim-Joy. It’s likely that you already know and love her from the hit TV show, but Kim-Joy’s Instagram musings reveal even more warmth, talent and well-cultivated interpersonal skills.


The dress at hand is Matrushka’s own Wisdom Kitty Belted Blouse. Striking and stylish, it features cuddly contemplative cats lounging in their own beautiful gowns, while floating peacefully upon the waters of consciousness. Meanwhile, colorful koi fish and tortoise buddies give the lil’ kitties a ride across the waves in this whimsically beautiful print.


Aside from its eye-catching features (as it caught the eye of Kim-Joy), the dress is a breeze to wear day or night. Matrushka’s super-comfy A-line cut is coupled with a versatile belt that flatters equally tied in the front or back. Clearly, the look is a perfect extension of Kim-Joy’s animal-loving cuteness queendom. And we are willing to bet the same will be true for you as well.



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