Matrushka Construction and Living Your Best You

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It’s the New Year: Skies are blanketed with moody weather, those festive vacations have come to their conclusions, and you just might be scheming with a bit of magic in your fancy new day planner. The wheel of the year has made another turn.

It’s a time for newness, blank slates, and fresh starts. A season perfect for looking ahead, recovering from holiday excess, and our personal favorite here at Matrushka: bundling up in your winter best to brave the cold outside.

Goals are great. Resolutions are cool, too. But how about ditching the long list of things yet to accomplish, and nurturing your Very Best You with a healthy dose of radical self-care…for now and ever onward?

Living as we are in our modern age marked by chaotic schedules and societal attention deficit, many of us have a frantic feeling that down time equates to certain career ruin. Self care can sometimes be a little low on the to-do list.

But in many circles, that seems to be changing for the better. Allow us to offer an alternative approach this New Year.

Go ahead and take that down time wherever you can. Take the weekend, or take the day off, even an hour or two, and make it your very own. Prioritize your number one relationship: you. Instead of adding to an endless list of tasks, schedule mandatory self care days and spoil yourself!

This practice can work wonders with a little dedication. And of course, as you heal yourself, you help to heal the larger world. And we all want that, don’t we?

Steaming baths spiked with floral waters are soothing and warm. Curling up with a great read is inspiring and relaxing. If you’re into it, a massage or other bodywork this time of year is ideal, as you reset your physical self. And of course, a socially and environmentally conscious makeover is a sure bet to befriend the winter blues.

A favorite time honored approach for self renewal and reinvention is the classic wardrobe update. It feels just plain great to take confidence and comfort in your personal style. Fashion is an expression of our personality, and with fabulously refreshed, highly wearable, and expressive looks, you’ll feel renewed and ready to take on the world.

That’s where Matrushka comes in to save your day! As an environmentally friendly, woman-owned and operated Los Angeles fashion house, we nurture a strong commitment to better the larger world as we outfit the uniqueness in all of us. We specialize in custom and one of a kind looks that are refreshingly comfortable, day to night.

We extend a warm invitation to you to stop by the Matrushka Construction storefront or our online boutique. Peruse the gems awaiting discovery in our new collections. Classic cuts and styles are available too, with something for everyone. Not only will you relish in your expertly tailored look, you’ll also likely feel empowered knowing that you’ve supported yourself and a small local business with an ethical value system that’s put into practice every day of the year.

From all of us at Matrushka Construction, good vibes to you for 2019!

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