Spring Cleaning with Matrushka Construction

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Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve survived yet another long and bleak Winter. At last, the verdant Springtime lies close ahead as a beautiful beacon of hope for times to come. As it’s often the season for clearing out the past and planting dreams for the future, this is also a perfect occasion to spruce up your personal look. And as always, Matrushka Construction is here to lend a helping hand.

So many of our beloved animal buddies can show us how Springtime is done right. They shed, molt, or otherwise discard their old selves, so why shouldn’t you? (We’re speaking figuratively, of course.) It feels amazing to make peace with and clear out the past, creating space for what’s ahead. For that purpose, Matrushka Construction boasts a vast collection of looks, and we aim to be the wind beneath your fashion flag.

Consider combing through last year’s wardrobe and giving your out-of-service items a gentle nudge out the door. One approach to making room for new growth is to valiantly donate all those previously-loved threads, woven as they may be with a mixed bag of memories. Some thrift stores even offer a pick-up service right from your doorstep and will drop the goods off to their location. Meanwhile, you’ve gone ahead and spread a little extra cheer and sunshine through the world. This act of generosity and kindness not only cultivates premium karmic energies, but of course, it also gives you a stellar excuse to replace those underused items! See where we’re headed? Clearly, one would never dare to upset the precious equilibrium of their closet.

The good news is, Matrushka has just the Spring wardrobe you’ve been pining over. From Paisley Blue to Cherry Blossoms and everything in between, come check out what’s hatching this season!

Matrushka Construction is proud to be 100% women owned and operated since 2002. Our colorful Los Angeles storefront and online boutique host an array of uniquely wearable items, available for customization to your distinct preferences. We practice sustainability and peace with every stitch. So when you support Marushka and these values, you are making not only a fashion statement, but one for global good as well.

In the Springtime, many creatures emerge from a deep hibernation, or are experiencing life anew. Are you ready to rise from the shadowy season and step out into the sun? From maxi dresses that make a powerful statement to hot little numbers for trotting around town, we have just the looks you need. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to practice your oneness with the natural world.

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