We’re In Love With Loungewear

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Months ago, I knew I wanted to help people feel good in these disturbing, maddening, uncertain times. The sensation of soft fabrics and textures against one’s skin can be very comforting. Plus, I really think beautiful clothes can help lift your spirits.How nice to catch yourself in the mirror looking lovely in your matching velvet PJs! Fashion can’t fix everything, but it can help improve your day a little bit.

That’s why I decided to start entering a new area for Matrushka: loungewear! The term itself seems to indicate comfort and relaxation – literally something you might wear to lounge around the house. And that’s definitely a part of my vision, but I want our designs to evoke elegance, sophistication, and a sexy edge. I also want them to be versatile.

You might go to a socially distant cocktail soiree in one of our blouse-like pajama tops paired with one of our skirts – while wearing one of our masks, of course! That same pajama top could brighten up an otherwise boring Skype, Zoom or FaceTime session. Or you might just look as pretty as a silent movie starlet while you take a nap.
After we launched our first line of pajamas, the robes came as a natural progression. I’m not sure how many people own robes anymore, and when you’re spending more time in close quarters with family it’s nice to have something to slip on fast when you don’t wish to get fully dressed.

I’m especially thrilled to launch our black and white velvet Bauhaus robe. It is very luxurious. There’s a gorgeous matching pajama set as well.

I take inspiration from a lot of bygone eras. Lately I’ve been picturing a 1920s Art Deco drawing – maybe an elegant lady with a long cigarette and a martini glass in her hand. In my mind’s eye, she sits on a red chaise lounge with jazz playing in front of tall French bay windows overlooking the English countryside. That’s the vision that’s guiding me as I continue to expand our collection.

For me the current vibe is flowy, perhaps considered more conventionally “feminine” than everyday streetwear or eveningwear. Of course, people of all genders look spectacular in our creations, so I won’t be surprised to see some boys and nonbinary clients grab these dresses while they’re hot off the presses (or sewing machine)!

I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of people fall in love with our tunic-style T-shirt dresses, which can be worn at home or out in “public” (on camera for work or for a video date).

I love thinking about people wearing one of our elegant pajama tops or even our graceful, simple cowl neck T-shirts on a video meeting – with our Cleo Shorts or our pajama bottoms tucked out of sight. You can have your professional face on and nobody needs to know you’re basically wearing sleepwear with matching bunny slippers!

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