This Spring, Color Says So Much More

Posted by Laura Howe on

If there was ever a moment to be bold and bright, it’s right now. After two years of dreary pandemic isolation and unending madness in the world, it’s safe to say that we’re all very ready to make a new, powerful statement. And what better way to give voice to your soul than with the power of color? As we all know, fashion can speak volumes.

Color blocking in the fashion world, which first made a mark in the 1960s, can compliment your physique, start a conversation, and brighten your day. The approach involves making use of opposites on the color wheel to create a quirky, experimental edge.

Many attribute the color blocking movement to the work of early 20th-century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, though some have contested this. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent popularized the trend as the youthful rebellion of the 60s flourished and thrived. But whatever the true origins of color blocking may be, its effect always sends out a bold and powerful message. Color blocking is even employed in the realm of home decor and various other design traditions.

With so much constantly going on all around us, it’s time to get loud and proud. Burst out this season with some delicious hues to send a little more love to the world around you. Your buddies at Matrushka Construction are here to help you get started with a wardrobe upgrade for the new season.

Designer and owner Laura Howe personally creates the handmade Cozy Patchwork Sweater, a work of color art made of lightweight sweater fabric, which is just perfect for the changing season. Ideal for layering on those in-between days when you’re not quite sure what the weather is up to, you can pair this sweater with pants or a skirt.

For those terminally unique fashionistas among us, the Patchwork Not-So Cropped Top just may be up your alley. A truly original piece of wearable artwork, this Matrushka classic is a one of a kind masterpiece. Let your singular voice shine through with this gem! Pair with jeans or a smart skirt to finish this unforgettable look.

Another style for the new season is our Vintage Horizon Tee to brighten any day. This fresh top really sings for spring. With its fetching ¾ sleeve and interesting, opposing colors, you will mesmerize all you meet.

When it comes to fashion, color blocking is for the bold and the original. In our time of pronounced uncertainties and unrest, let a colorful style be a source of positivity and good. As spring begins to bloom, the world is also opening around us, and most of us are bursting at the seams to dive back intp normal life, if there is such a thing.

So don’t be shy, stop by our new location and say hello to the friendly Matrushka family. We recently celebrated two decades in business! We’d love to see your fancy face and help us celebrate this milestone accomplishment!

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