Dress Up and Step Out

Posted by Laura Howe on

Okay, 2021. We’ve made it more than halfway through the year. We have endured your false starts and your lessons in patience. And slowly, tentatively, ever so cautiously, many of us are definitely ready to step out.

With businesses and events across the globe finally starting to open up opportunities for commerce, social affairs, and general human interaction, it’s high time to get ready and go out! And we all need that something special for our wardrobes now that restrictions are loosening and life feels just a little more open.

Even if you’re still not going out yet, your wardrobe could definitely use a little zing to brighten up those zoom meetings. At home, Matrushka styles are so comfy that you can enjoy feeling well put together, stylish, and relaxed all at once.

But still, many of us have always loved to go out for a night on the town. Now that we’ve tasted the monotony of quarantine, there’s something even more meaningful to being out, seeing, and being seen.

Dressing up is a valuable endeavor. The practice affords you a sense of creative self-expression and self-care. It says to the world defiantly, “Despite everything, I still give a damn!” and it offers inspiration to everyone around you.

Matrushka makers have been busy throughout the global pandemic to bring you styles that sing and brighten the day. Their pieces are always handmade to order so you can feel confident that you won’t bump into the exact same dress on your social scene. And of course, Matrushka’s motto “size is relative” will be an extra boon to your post-pandemic outlook on life.

Stop by Matrushka’s virtual boutique to view a tempting collection of brand new styles. True to form, their new prints include holographic honeycombs, deep-sea octopuses, and dancing dandelions. Or check out colorful plaids and tye-dyes. Matrushka is ready to dress you up so you can step out in style!

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