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The changing of the seasons can mean many things for each of us. While the transition may be routine and familiar, it still hints at that ineffable reality that the natural world loves to show off. Autumn signals us to slow down with a certain crispness in the air, treetops shimmering in their gorgeous shades of golds and reds, and of course, we make a dramatic change in our wardrobe (whether you follow fashion rules or not).

Unlike those easy days of summer, when we can bear a lot of skin and little fabric, fall asks us to make ourselves comfortable in clothes that have more structure and weight. Perhaps this can lend a more put-together mood and a sense of deep self-care, readying us for even colder winter months.

For fashion nerds like us at Matrushka Construction, autumn offers us all the best opportunity to dress in layers through the turning of the great wheel. Composing an outfit with various levels of coziness is not only fun but also highly practical. We get to experiment with how different garments can complement one another and moderate our body temperature throughout our daily goings-on.

Maybe your signature Plaid Cleopatra number needs a hoodie and legwarmers to state your piece today. Or perhaps your Electric Jellyfish T-shirt Tunic could be completed with a classic oceanic Octopus Hoodie. And for those inevitable times when you are feeling even more untamed? Throw that Leopard Cowl Sweater over a chic Cleopatra Jumpsuit. With layering for these magical fall months, the possibilities are colorful and endless at Matrushka.

Color has a profound and often overlooked effect on our minds and psyches. Sometimes, these effects can help reel us out of a seasonal slump. If you are one of the many who deal with things like Seasonal Affective Disorder or just plain have the blues during the colder months, read on.

Color psychology is an investigation into the effects that colors have on our daily lives, through our emotions and behaviors. Since its discovery in the year 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton, people have been curious about how color can affect one’s mood.

Color psychology can often assist with the change of mood that frequently accompanies the change of season and light. This approach identifies the impact of each color of the rainbow. Did you know that the color red can symbolize excitement, strength, love, and energy? Or that black indicates formality, drama, sophistication, and security? Bring the two together for a dynamic look.

Alternately, pairing pink and purple can bring together pink’s compassion, sincerity, and sweetness with purple’s luxurious spirituality and ambition. What more can you ask?

We can emulate these specific colorful qualities most simply through our daily fashion choices. We get to practice mitigating the more mysterious effects that the seasons and its colors may have on us, and avoid any unnecessary suffering.

Color psychology may not yet be swimming in the mainstream, but for the open-minded, the practice offers help to lift us from the seasonal doldrums. We make a statement with our style to others. Don’t forget to make that statement to yourself as well! Be the change.

This Fall Season, let the masterminds at Matrushka Construction outfit you with something that everyone will want to be talking about. Online or in-store, these clothes will cover-all your bases…even when you yearn for a new pair of coveralls.
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