Celebrate Labor Day with New Plaids from Matrushka Construction!

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As the seasons pass, it’s a comfort to know that your local boutique has your back. In the form of block parties, art-saturated uprisings, and other righteous events, Matrushka has been building community for the past two decades now. Bringing folks together through art and fashion is what it’s all about.

Matrushka threads are ideal for hard working ladies of all varieties. One of the major milestones for American workers is the ever-advancing expansion of women in the workforce-- something we all have to cheer about. This Labor Day, celebrate in style in a custom couture from L.A.’s favorite neighborhood dressmaker, Laura Howe and her crew of badass seamstrixes.

For many people, Labor Day also signals an end to summer and its attending fashion rules. This season, Matrushka offers some snazzy plaids to cozy up with as the seasons turn.

Plaid has been in use for thousands of years. The pattern was originally known as tartan. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the history of plaid begins three thousand years ago with the discovery of a mummy known as the Cherchen Man. He was buried with his tartan in the sands of the Western Chinese deserts, offering up many archeological delights.

Tartans were originally used to identify the many different Scottish clans. Plaids, on the other hand, were traveling cloaks that incorporated these patterns. Later, other textile manufacturers began making a version of these tartans but without the genealogical symbolism.

Around the 18th Century, the tartan shifted from a family emblem to a uniform for military troops, growing out of a 1714 rebellion. At this time, the pattern was called Black Watch Plaid. Later, the Scottish were defeated in a battle around 1746, and tartans were outlawed for almost a hundred years after that.

Thank goodness they’ve made a comeback. Now, plaids come in a rainbow of colors and patterns, no longer signifying one’s clan identity or military association, but rather to identify within a modern (and very stylish) subculture. Uniforms sporting plaid range from school outfits to Grunge to heavy work wear.

Matrushka takes full advantage of plaid’s potential with an array of patterns and color combinations. Perhaps the Black and Cream Plaid Cleopatra Jumpsuit is up your alley? With its chic and curve-flattering lines, this piece compliments every figure, with pockets to match big enough to actually be useful.

The Retro Plaid Coverall Dress also has those utilitarian pockets, along with a shorter hemline so you can rock flats, sneakers, or heels, depending on the occasion. If blue is more you, check out the Navy Plaid Veronica Lake Dress in one of Matrushka’s signature cuts. This dress and its gorgeous lines will collect many compliments!

This Labor Day, celebrate your worker’s pride with a Matrushka original. Let them outfit you in something new to signify your associations. After all, we need to stick together!
Written by Quynbi Ada

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