Sara Benincasa Stands Up for Women

Posted by Laura Howe on

Sara Benincasa stands up for women in her viral “Why am I so fat?” article for Medium.

I have always felt passionately about designing for women of all shapes and sizes. Sara is a perfect example of the sexy, smart, funny ladies we love at Matrushka! She exemplifies how a woman can be so so sexy and so awesome at the same time. I believe ALL women should be able to feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy in their bodies and my clothes reflect that belief. As the designer, having working sewing machines in my shop I have been able to observe all shapes and sizes of women and worked towards making that perfect fit. Size is relative. We are always changing and evolving. I don’t design for a number. I design for women to feel gorgeous in their unique and individual bodies.

Read Sara’s article on Medium

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