Art @ Matrushka: NOT HUMANS Exhibition Opens April 1

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Sculpture & Drawing by

Matrushka Opening Night Reception
Friday, April 1, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Senon’s search for truth leaves him amazed and baffled. Creating art is his meditation on meaning in the face of a fraught existence. These recent works on paper begin with fragments of humanity’s ongoing questions. The pairing of words and imagery suggest deeper meaning by creating a dialogue that invites us to support or defy multiple conclusions. The sculptures are representative of the duality of our nature and our internal conflict – how do we help and how do we hurt? The wood is roughly hewn with a hatchet, and the pieces reassembled, creating groups of figures, elegant in their simplicity, from fragments of the whole. His mind is filled with Jagged thoughts, art is the outlet.


Native to Los Angeles, Senon Williams is a lifelong visual artist and musician. Best known for his musical work with Dengue Fever and Radar Bros, 1994-present. He has also worked as an artist assistant and art preparator in New York and Los Angeles, 1989-2008.
Senon is also responsible for directing several music videos, art directing for film and still shoots, as well as designing graphics for album covers and merchandise.


This is his first solo show.


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