Samantha Fields Art Opening at LSH

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June 14 – July 11, 2020
Social Distancing Opening Reception: Sunday, June 14th, 4 – 6 pm

Samantha Fields has long had an interest in the intersection between natural and man made disasters. Her imagery of airplane crashes, violent tornadoes and storms, are often juxtaposed with colorful confetti and emoji balloons. The combined results are gorgeously rendered paintings made by airbrush, with voluptuous surfaces, crackling with tension. The title, “American Dreams” can be read on several different levels. Are we witnessing the destruction of that particular dream, or is it constantly being reassembled according to the times in which it is formulated? And whose dream is it exactly…? Fields posits those questions through her work, as well as leading the viewer into their own dreamscape. Fields’s masterful airbrush technique makes the paintings accessible to the viewer by “hiding” the trace of production, it’s as if these images made themselves through our collective consciousness. Samantha Fields will be presenting both works on canvas as well as several framed works on paper.

LSH CoLab is a modern art gallery in Los Angeles’ Virgil Village neighborhood co-run by Matrushka designer Laura Howe. Laura began her career as an artist and has supported local artists through exhibitions and performances at both Matrushka and LSH. LSH was recently highlighted in the LA Times art reviews for their glowing review of Robert Levine’s exhibition, Regular Painting.

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