Meet Laura Howe, Modern Superlady

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As a fearless entrepreneur, Laura Howe is the mastermind behind L.A.’s very own gem of a couture boutique: Matrushka Construction. With an unwavering ambition to create and practice a better business model, one with a focus on inclusion, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability, she creates a little more space for us all.

Without a doubt, she has stayed true to the dream. In fact, since Matrushka’s launch in 2002, Howe has built upon that singular vision to include the global community, one stitch at a time. Made by women and for women and offering on-the-spot customization, Matrushka delivers the best in unique self expression that we all want to wear.

As a gifted creative in the truest sense of the word, Howe also spearheads a more recent project installment: LSH CoLab. The crisp Los Angeles art space has garnered much ado, and for good reason with recent shows from Senon Williams and Rory Devine. Part showroom, part gallery, it’s a bit of an artists’ fantasy world, with shows happening frequently. Featuring all kinds of goodies like fine art, tarot readings, and CBD, LSH CoLab is a vibrant force for collaborative creative energy in L.A.’s beloved Silver Lake neighborhood.

But Howe’s impressive projects don’t stop there. She’s also a disciplined athlete: an award winning runner. Her dedicated practice inspires the best of the best. And as an impassioned environmental activist, Howe is an active tree planter with Friends of Griffith Park.

Tirelessly working to protect, honor, innovate, and improve the city’s natural, social, and business environments, Howe sets a strong example for everyone. Her tireless work states loud and clear that all of our individual efforts really do extend beyond ourselves to make an impact of positive change in the larger world. Imagine if we all followed suit.

As anyone who has the honor of calling her a pal knows so well, Laura Howe is a fierce friend with a heart of gold to humans, animals, and plantlife alike. In short, the woman is a force to be reckoned with, and one that the neighborhood, the city, and the world is lucky to have around. Kudos to Laura Howe for her stellar business ventures and personal achievements. But even more importantly, for being an exceptional human being!

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