The Next Generation

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mom and daughter

It’s crazy to think we’ve been in business for over ten years. Never, ever would I have thought that I would own a retail-clothing store, which makes hand made goods. Yet here I am in Silver Lake, ten years later and the next generation of Matrushka Fashionistas is on the scene.

These are the little babes who have been coming in over the years, peering over their strollers, at me while I was sewing. Now, they are asking for something to wear. How can I possibly say no? Mother’s complain that their daughter’s are always stealing the hand made bags and now want something more substantial (something they too can wear). Thus I’ve started experimenting with the littlest of babies, which seems to be going well. Although of course, there is a big gap between 2 months and 12. Men’s sizes really are relative.If we make things starting with things so little, that will be covering every age range (and size). This is pretty cool and ironically just like that of the Matrushka doll. Which is layer inside layer of itself, in different sizes.

The show of pride in the little girls faces as they model their first hand made Matrushka pieces, priceless! It brings me joy, so cute & love it!!

lil girl

next fashionista

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