Fashion Photo Shoot for Matrushka in April

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It’s the day before the long awaited Matrushka Catalog fashion photo shoot, and I swear my boyfriend, Demetrius, is losing his sh@$*%! He is such a perfectionist, that when things don’t go right, his stress levels start to spike. Although it could be that the model we fitted (the day before) accidentally double booked herself and can’t make it.

Matrushka fashion photo shoot

It’s impossible to do a fashion photo shoot without a model!

How do you do a fashion photo shoot without a model?!

Freak out!

“Calmer heads will prevail,” I tell Demetrius. “Please chill out!”

He cracks a crooked smile and dives into his iPhone. In no time flat he’s booked another model (with all sorts of strings attached.) Starting with he must pick her up from her day job, where she is waitressing on Halloween night. Needless to say he’s pissed, but crawls out of bed at 4am and heads to WEHO to pick her up for the fashion photo shoot. He quickly tucks her in at my studio, after all she will need all 2hrs of sleep before we, the crew, get there.

I show up late (like a diva,) and Demetrius and his crew have everything just about ready to go! The model is in the chair, the photographer is just about set up, and finally Demetrius seems a lot calmer. I decide on the dress, the model takes her mark, and pop, pop, pop! We give birth to the ‘Matrushka Catalog.’

There’s something so satisfying about watching Matrushka dresses in a fashion photo shoot… creativity comes to life.


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