Matrushka Dyes Fabric

Posted by Laura Howe on

Recently I have been experimenting with dyeing my own fabrics, and it has proven to be a fun and challenging process creating designs. What led me to this decision was that sourcing good fabric has always been one of the hardest things about designing. Having the right fabric is essential to the creation for the right dress. There are times where I feel that I can’t make a certain dress without the appropriate pattern, or fabric content so thus, I decided to take a stab at creating my own!


The dyeing process boils down to placement of where the pattern will work with the garment you hope to make with it. It was through this process that I discovered the difficulty to control exactly where the color will stick and where it will run. So it’s important to have an open mind and let the fabric guide you on how to cut out a pattern for the dress you want to make. All in all, dying my own fabric has been a fun experiment that I have found joy in doing.

Completed Dresses Displayed in Store

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