A Handmade Experience

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The Highest Dedication to Craftmanship

Female owned and operated, Matrushka has developed a loyal following over the last 15 years because of our commitment to quality, originality, and relationship with our customers that is second to none.  Every piece is designed, cut, sewn and sold right here in Silver Lake, and every piece can be tailored to your exact needs.

Meet the women who made your dress.

Designer Laura howe

I come from a family that believes in the importance of honing a craft and sharing it with others. My English grandmother was a seamstress and meticulous dresser and had a profound influence upon me. After many years, I’ve grown into a clothing designer, art patron and entrepreneur. I believe strongly in the holistic benefit of making dresses within our community – by the people, for the people.

At Matrushka, we provide something almost no one else does: hand-made clothes that can be altered on the spot! It’s all about simplicity and great fit. Clothes should look great, be comfortable, and give you confidence for every occasion. In our shop, if you don’t find your size, we will make it for you.


What I like best about Matrushka
I enjoy the variety of styles, colors and textiles that are used in making the garments at Matrushka.

About myself
I am from El Salvador in Central America. I came to this country 33 years ago. I started sewing when I was 13 years old but had made my first dress when I was just 7 and the rest is history!

What I like about living in LA
What I like most about living in Los Angeles and this country is that it has given me the opportunity to learn English, which I greatly appreciate. As a result many doors have opened for me and have given me the chance to communicate with all kinds of people from different backgrounds and cultures.


What I like best about Matrushka
I like how we can customize orders for customers. Making sure the garments fit perfectly ensuring a happy customer every time they visit us! I also really like the variety of styles and textiles we have to offer.

About myself
I am an LA native having lived in the Echo Park area my whole life and I have a wonderful daughter who is my world. I started out as an intern at Matrushka when I was 17 and have now been a pattern cutter here for five years.

What I like about living in LA
I love the Los Angeles weather! Also despite being a large city there is beautiful scenery and nature here as well.


What I like best about Matrushka
I love the fact that we help individuals to look and feel their best, and the dedication to detail that our team strives for with every garment.

About myself
Born and raised in Arizona, I grew a deep love for the arts and design from an early age; I even made my prom dress in High School!

What I like about living in LA
I moved to Los Angeles to be fully immersed in culture that I would otherwise not experience, and the city truly never lets me down. From the fashion to the food, this city and its people make me proud to be an Angelino.