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Amanda N.

I was able, for the first time in my 42 years, to walk into a store and find so many dresses that fit me and all my curves perfectly — this store was shopping nirvana…The owner, who is delightful and who designs all of the dresses, suggested additional cuts and fabrics that would suit my shape. She then volunteered to make alterations to make two of the garments more comfortable. She told me going forward, I can just ask for particular patterns and pick fabrics and basically order exactly what suits me online. I mean? Yes, please.

Brooklyn, NY

CBS Los Angeles

Matrushka Construction is every woman’s dream come true. Her designs are original, she uses quality fabric and will make alterations on the spot. Matrushka’s customer service is outstanding and her skill set is flawless. Her clothes are comfortable, flattering, affordable and stylish. Like a design but not the fabric? Bring her the fabric and she will make it. Day wear, office wear and special occasions, Matrushka Construction’s shop has everything you want in your closet.

Los Angeles, CA

Carol K.

Great woman-owned business making products for women and employing women right here in Los Angeles. Yay! Nice staff in store sewing fabric bags they give you with your purchases  instead of paper or plastic. Everyone looks great in a wrap dress. Get one! Really whimsical prints too.

Ventura, CA

Tracy A.

I cannot say enough about how this was a shopping dream come true. If I could have, I should have gone earlier in the day, to avoid a crowd. Great individual attention and gorgeous dresses that would be flattering on anyone.

Dayton, OH

Sam J.

Love love Matrushka! I have two dresses and a jumpsuit. They are so amazing, that with my petite frame, offered the alter the jumpsuit to fit me in store same day! How amazing is that? The softest buttery-ist fabric, I feel so good wearing their clothes. They hug every curve and always so flattering. I highly recommend Matrushka. Plus, the cutest prints, too!

Los Angeles, CA

Lisa B.

I now live in San Francisco and travel a lot for work, and I now own about eight dresses from Matrushka because they are no-wrinkle and great for packing. I honestly think twice about buying a daytime dress from anyone else.

San Francisco, CA

Portia I.

My friend bought me two of these cool dresses for my birthday and I can’t recommend this shop highly enough! The dresses fit amazingly well, they are flattering, comfortable, self-confidence-inspiring, reasonably priced, machine washable and when traveling, you can roll them into a ball in your carry-on and still looks great when you put them on! My friend tried to get me to this store forever and now I see why! You’ll be SO glad you got one (or more!) of these fabulous dresses!

Los Angeles, CA

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Every piece of Matrushka fashion is designed, cut, and sewn by hand.  We specialize in customizations for a tailored fit that's perfect for you every time.


Being kind to our community and our Earth is central to Matrushka's ethos.  We use only locally sourced deadstock fabrics in our studio, with clean and safe working conditions and staff fairly paid for their time and talent.


Fabrics sourced in Downtown L.A. every week, sewn at our production studio in Virgil Village, and sold at our shop in Silver Lake.  It doesn't get more local than that.

Female Owned

Owner / Designer Laura Howe has run Matrushka since 2002 and has worked to empower women through both her designs and her hiring - Matrushka is staffed entirely by women.


Celebrate our Anniversary with Matrushka classic styles, like our amazing halter dresses!

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