The Team Uniforms


Janet Lam, Dona Pitman, Rosa Alevaro, Laura Howe, Nancy Arriaga

  The relay team needed uniforms for our up coming relay marathon.  So I came up with lightening bolts and I’ve always love the number ‘5’ it’s very symmetrical and the color magenta works so well on tan skin. It’s was really unbelievable that all 5 of us ladies were able to run the Griffith Park Trail Marathon together on the same team!

I felt really honored because these ladies really know

how to run!

So each of us had to run just over 5 miles and as some kind of sick joke they had me run anchor.  So as each runner came in I got a little more nervous so by the time it was my turn I was so nervous.  It was of course brutal because it was about 90 degrees AND all up hill.  We had a really great time and everyone did so well!

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