Tall Bike outside of Matrushka

Eleven-ish in the morning, and my day to work in the store (Matrushka). My Boyfriend and I share a coffee on Sunset Blvd. where Matrushka is located. The day seems pretty¬†typical when all of a sudden out of no where I see a guy roll up and dis-mount one of those “Tall Bike” contraptions. I still can’t explain why this is so exciting to me? Still I will try….Lets start with have you ever seen a “Tall Bike”? (See photo),ok now you have! Its so funny to see someone ride one of these things down the street, its as if they are pedaling in the sky. Its not super odd to catch one here in Silver Lake or Venice, but you would almost have to stalk & hunt one down to see an actual dis-mount! Upon further investigation I discovered that He belonged to a sub-culture called the “LosAngelopes. He said that they number about 30 deep, and that most were comprised of Artist,Welders,and Fabricators.Wow, People just like me! He granted me this one photo and peddled off into the sky….
Tall Bike spotted out front of Matrushka

Tall Bike spotted out front of Matrushka

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