Entertained by Silversun Pickups

Its 8am, and I am on my way downtown, in hope of inspiration. Always searching for that perfect “print” to suite at least one of Matrushka’s many designs. I have performed this ritual for many years,and one out of ten tries finding something great. Its that one tenth of a chance that keeps me coming back, Day after Day,Month after Month, Year after Year.
Nikki Monninger Bass Player Silversun Pickups

Nikki Monninger Bass Player Silversun Pickups

One would think by now I would have my asst. do it? Then I realize how crucial, not only the fabric selection for Matrushka is, but how equally important are the “prints” that show up on the bodies of all the wonderful “Matrushka Clients”. Almost always I stop off at the “Tropical Cafe” famous for awesome Cuban sandwiches, and extremely strong Cuban coffee. As I slowly sip my “caffe con leche” (soy of course),One can’t help but notice the obnoxiously loud yellow building directly across the street. Appropriately named “Silver Sun Liquor” an icon here in Silver Lake for one huge reason.Thats right you guest it! “Silversun Pickups” the Grammy nominated band from where they got there name. The Silversun Pickups are just one of many of Silver Lake’s pride & joy. The Band is near and dear to me, and I am always so honored to dress the Bass Player (Nikki Monninger) in the latest Matrushka Dresses.Nikki Monninger looks amazing in Her uniquely smart Matrushka Dresses as She pumps out those eclectic bass lines that move the crowd during the awesome “Silversun Pickup” shows….Now that the coffee has me fully awake! Wish me luck? Hopefully I will find a “Print” or some fabric that you quit possibly will enjoy very soon.

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