Mission Statement

As a functional retail store, Matrushka aims to offer each customer a tailored experience, while exuding our local support and global awareness.  We carry a variety of designs that cover the base of sensibilities of our eclectic clientele.  Whether it is funky or conservative, punk or demure, Matrushka represents elements of each, often combining details to create quirky, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Alterations are provided in store, and custom orders and screen prints are taken daily, maximizing the potential of our designs for each individual’s size and taste.  After all, size is relative.

All of our clothes are constructed from dead stock, remnant bolts of fabric, meticulously and locally sourced each week by Laura Howe.  The term “remnant” does not in any way devalue the fabric, it merely suggests pieces that are unusable by larger, corporate run factories due to a larger production quota.  Thus, the variety of prints found alongside our classic colors (also remnants) are constantly in flux, adding to our exciting and ever-changing interior color palatte.  Each product is cut and sewn at our nearby design studio, and is brought into the store on a daily basis.

Matrushka is not merely a retail boutique.  It is also a medium for celebrating art, spreading awareness, and supporting the local community.  We have rotating art shows, participatory events, and performance based projects.  All of these elements add to the in-store, alternative experience.  In addition to being an artist herself, owner Laura Howe is an active board member of the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, where she aims to, and does affect the sustainability of the local environment.  As a half-marathon runner, she has first hand experience of the invaluable nature of urban parks, using its access as a training ground to then support the various causes involved in each race.  The store is a source of information as well as a catalyst for change.


Every piece of Matrushka fashion is designed, cut, and sewn by hand.  We specialize in customizations for a tailored fit that’s perfect for you every time.


Being kind to our community and our Earth is central to Matrushka’s ethos.  We use only locally sourced deadstock fabrics in our studio, with clean and safe working conditions and staff fairly paid for their time and talent.


Fabrics sourced in Downtown L.A. every week, sewn at our production studio in Virgil Village, and sold at our shop in Silver Lake.  It doesn’t get more local than that.

Female Owned

Owner / Designer Laura Howe has run Matrushka since 2002 and has worked to empower women through both her designs and her hiring – Matrushka is staffed entirely by women.