Matruska Makes T-Shirts



  Things have always been done a little differently here at Matrushka.  It 
all started with the idea of making everything ourselves.  That includes silk screening and hand making all of our t-shirts. In fact I recently calculated that I personally have made over 7,000 shirts since we opened over ten years ago.   It makes me tired thinking about it! 


With that being said, I still REALLY enjoy making t-shirts  in the store while customers browse and try on dresses. It brings a smile to my face.  Making the silk screens is  something that is very enjoyable for me.  🙂


The silk screens are usually of an animal, such as a Flying 
Squirrel or a creature such as  an Octopus.  It is my opinion also people should have a sense of humor about  our t-shirts are meant to bring a smile to your face, yet still reflect a love of nature. 

Silk Screen


would love to use serious messages about the environment or other injustices around the world, but sadly that usually does not go over well
So, I choose to take the humor approach.