Matrushka Makes T’s


Things have always been done a little differently here at Matrushka.  It all started with the idea of making everything ourselves.  That includes silk screening and hand making all of our t-shirts.  In fact, recently it was calculated that I, the designer have personally made over 7,000 shirts since we opened over ten years ago.  It makes me tired thinking about it!

Silk Screen






With that said, I do still REALLY enjoy making t-shirts in the shop while customers browse and try on dresses.  Making the silk screens is something that is very enjoyable for me.  The silk screens are usually an animal, such as a flying squirrel or an octopus.  It is my opinion also people should have a sense of humor about our t-shirts.  They are meant to bring a smile to your face, yet still reflect a love of nature.  I would love to use serious messages about the environment or other injustices around the world but that usually does not work, sadly.   So, I take the humor approach. 


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