Matrushka is for Sweethearts and Soloists Alike

For the Lovebirds

Happy February! Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is fast upon us. Some may be anticipating a festive time to be close with a romantic partner. Others are doing their own thing. And some might even still be wondering what in the world happened to the entire month of January.

Whether you adore or abhor this pink n’ red holiday marked with hearts, chocolates and gooey sentiments, check out the latest from Matrushka Construction. It’s always a perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to a brand new ensemble! With looks hot off the sergers on a daily basis, it’s a lovely day to update your style at our storefront or online boutique.

Love is timeless, love is true, beautifully transcending the boundaries of the human heart. But we all appreciate gifts, right? Be sure to show a little love to yourself and those you hold dear this season. Give that sweetheart of yours a juicy dose of fashion that’s sure to melt any heart.

But beyond fancy dates and old saints, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, we know that we are well past the halfway point between winter and spring. And surely that is observance-worthy.

Solo Song

When you’re seamlessly rocking the single life, you have so much more time and energy to invest in yourself. Perhaps you are more of a solo flyer these days, opting for your own company over that of others. Clearly, solitude can be accompanied by great personal power.

One way to show the world your truth is to express yourself in style. Matrushka Construction creates timelessly unique looks with signature customizations, so you can step out to take on the world with serious flare.

As always, we honor all of you fierce, fearlessly independent women, whether you are attached or on your own. Matrushka apparel is always sustainably made in L.A. by women, for women, with a tall measure of empowerment on every level. So whatever awesomeness you may have booked on your upcoming agenda, be sure to honor your number one ally: Yourself! However you celebrate, do more of it, every day of the year. The world needs that!

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