Matrushka Affiliate Program Launch

The Sheer Face of Awesome and Our Brand New Matrushka Affiliate Program

Are you a natural born leader, a social media influencer, a movie star, a savvy business owner, and/or a rabid fan of Matrushka Construction?

We get you. Somehow, we’ve noted, our business model and killer fashions tend to attract just those types.

Let’s collaborate!

This New Year, Matrushka is thrilled to launch our shiny, brand new affiliate program that benefits participants far beyond your expected wardrobe enhancements. Although, we’ve got those covered, too.

You know us. You love us. Spread the warm fuzzies and let your followers get to know us too! (They will, of course, love you for it.)

How Cross Promotion with Matrushka Can Benefit You and Your Platforms

Why sign up for the program? For the clothes, of course. Each sale credited to your account means 10% of that sale toward your new loot. The rewards can easily add up fast, and if you can boast a high traffic volume to your sites, even more options may be available. Just get in touch!

Love it or not, we live in a Digital Age. We are all authentic creatures, but image is still the thing. A casual plug here and there in regards to who you are working with is all the rage on the Interwebs. It’s simple: a lil’ mention alongside that great shot of you rocking your new, custom tailored Matrushka. Most people, especially us creatives, love a little personalization. A picture, of course, is worth exactly one thousand words. And possibly a new Matrushka!

Style is supreme, and living your message is admirable. Since 2002, Matrushka Construction has outfitted countless forward minded fashionistas with custom ethical threads. Our company embodies a value set and business model that is locally sourced and constructed, handmade, sustainable, and socially relevant. In short, we’re where the cool kids shop. And their friends!

Incidentally, cross-pollinating with Matrushka also means you get to associate yourself, your platforms, and your business with a true to life Hollywood red carpet designer: our own Laura Howe.

Next on the Agenda

It’s just a few simple steps toward Collaborative Greatness. Wave that Fashionista Flag high as you take both your personal wardrobe and your following to uncharted heights. Signing up is easy and fast, right here!

From our boutique to your virtual empire: Happy Posting!

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