Fashion Holiday

Fashion Holiday Pic

Fashion Holiday at Lanikai Beach!!!

My boyfriend, Demetrius and I are crazy busy…

We are in dire need of a Fashion Holiday!

  He’s in the movie biz and I’m grinding it out here at Matrushka .  What I’m trying to say is; we sleep together ‘cause we don’t see each other much in the light of day. Demetrius is such a good boy but his job makes him almost unavailable, especially when he travels to places like Shreveport, LA. to do a movie. I love to travel, but I am sorry I don’t think I will make it to “The Shrev.” anytime soon….I tell him,” I love you”, kiss him goodbye, and demand he take me somewhere tropical when he gets back!  Soon after my boyfriend gets home we land in Hawaii, it’s time for our Fashion Holiday! hawaiian photo It’s a very special time for both of us because its our anniversary.  Demetrius’ buddy Martin picks us up at the airport dons me with the traditional Hawaiian Lei (I felt so special). The spirit of Hawaii and the wonderful hospitality of Demetrius’ friends, all but insured me that this anniversary would be the best one ever…. sunset

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