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  • Mask-erading with Matrushka

    Matrushka Makes Masks 2020 has been a wild ride. But many folks, like the ones at Matrushka Construction, have risen above and beyond the call to lend a hand during one of the most unprecedented moments in our lives. Since news of COVID-19 broke out earlier this year, Matrushka has stepped up to help. By [...] Continue Reading
  • Hello From Your Friends At Matrushka!

    Hi everybody! I'm Laura Howe, designer and founder of Matrushka, and I want to welcome our many new friends while giving a virtual hug and high-five to our longtime clients. If you're wondering who made those funky, cheerful masks you bought - well, you're about to find out! And speaking of masks – your purchases [...] Continue Reading
  • Tailoring All the Goddesses: Matrushka’s Customization Process

    Article by Quynbi  Any way you wear it, there’s nothing quite like the feel of an expertly tailored look. It’s the singular sensation of stepping out in a great style that fits like a glove, as though it were made just for you. It makes you walk a little taller, a little brighter, ready to […]

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  • Matrushka Dyes Fabric

    Recently I have been experimenting with dyeing my own fabrics, and it has proven to be a fun and challenging process creating designs. What led me to this decision was that sourcing good fabric has always been one of the hardest things about designing. Having the right fabric is essential to the creation for the […]

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  • Screen Print In Action

    These days it has become more and more laborious to find great fabric. Upon relentless searches with less than satisfying results,

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  • The Next Generation

      It’s crazy to think we’ve been in business for over ten years.   Never, ever would I have thought that I would own a retail-clothing store, which makes hand made goods.   Yet here I am in Silver Lake, ten years later and the next generation of Matrushka Fashionistas is on the scene.    These […]

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  • Matruska Makes T-Shirts

        Things have always been done a little differently here at Matrushka.  It all started with the idea of making everything ourselves.  That includes silk screening and hand making all of our t-shirts. In fact I recently calculated that I personally have made over 7,000 shirts since we opened over ten years ago.   It makes me tired thinking about it!  With that being said, […]

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  • Fashion Photo Shoot for Matrushka in April

    It’s the day before the long awaited Matrushka Catalog fashion photo shoot, and I swear my boyfriend, Demetrius, is losing his sh@$*%! He is such a perfectionist, that when things don’t go right, his stress levels start to spike. Although it could be that the model we fitted (the day before) accidentally double booked herself and can’t […]

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