Shopping For Fabric

shopping2 Shopping for fabric is both one of the most fun parts of the process and the hardest parts of the designing process.  Los Angeles is fortunate to have one of the largest textile districts in the world.  The fabric isn’t manufactured here but it is definitely a final destination.  Most of the worlds fabric is for better or worse is   produced in China.  Los Angeles is the home to one of the largest ports for shipping products so as a by- product we are the fortunate recipients of every rag tag design and textile that comes along.  Most of the big design houses have their fabrics produced in China or India. Occasionally we get really lucky and something cool slips through the cracks.  That’s why I go downtown 2 or 3 times a week to hunt for the best bargain and best fabric I can find.  Most of it is truly shit but every once in a while a true gem comes through.    shopping3                                   The excitement I get one I see one of those fabrics is really one of the great moments of this profession or shopping1 process or art or what ever it is I do.  Because when I find a good fabric I know I am going to make something quite special and therefore secure success (ie. Money!) and a beautiful piece.  When the fabric is good it practically tells me what to make with it.                             

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