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Matrushka is an entirely handmade clothing experience. We offer each client a personal, authentic and alternative shopping experience. Matrushka gives the couture design experience of high-end fashion houses to the unique and independent woman. Each piece is designed, individually cut, sewn and silkscreened locally by the Matrushka Team. Within the shop, you can have your pieces altered by our team to fit your own unique body. That’s what makes us so different. Although we aren’t able to offer alterations for our online community, you are still able to experience our handmade pieces and support a local business!

All of our fabrics are meticulously and locally sourced each week in Downtown Los Angeles by Matrushka’s owner, Laura Howe. Thus, the varieties of prints found alongside our classic colors are in constant flux, which is what makes it fun and exciting for our clients. You never know what you’ll find! The Matrushka process is sustainable and supportive of the local community. We remain active in protecting and supporting both small local businesses and nearby green open spaces as well as starting a Non-Profit, ‘Friends of Griffith Park’.

Thank you for your continued support of Matrushka. Through your support, we are able to continue our mission of keeping it local!

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Owner and Designer Laura Howe

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