Made in Oregon

Continuing the “Made In” concept I went to Oregon, an inspiring location and immerse myself into a new environment, set up a small workshop and created new pieces. My then boyfriend (who happened to be a black smith) and I when to Cascade Locks Oregon and stayed for 3 weeks in the Columbia Gorge. It is an absolutely magical place where the Pacific Crest Trail drops down out of Oregon and crosses the Bridge of the Gods into Washington State. The inspiration of natural beauty was everywhere and I was determined to see as much of it as possible. I had a map of the Gorge and all the various trails and waterfalls. Every morning I would plot out where I wanted to hike in order to see the next great waterfall. There are dozens of waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge for it was dramatically formed 10’s of thousands of years before from a geological event at the end of the last Ice age. Dean (the Blacksmith)set up shop and started working on his metal works but first he helped me forge a sign for Matrushka to mark our homestead and shop during Our stay. In fact people were welcome to come visit and see the progress. I made dresses, and skirts inspired by the patchwork of greens of the forest all around us. I was also inspired by the multitude of cascades, which I visited every day. I never know how many different types of waterfalls and natural stone carvings created by the never ending trickle of water.

Made in Oregon

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