Frog Town – L.A. River Fashion Photo Shoot

IMG_3089What makes Los Angeles so interesting is it’s incredible diversity and that includes the landscape.  We have

Urban Wilderness

right in the heart of the most densely populated city.  The Los Angeles River provides a nice natural backdrop for a photo shoot and has quite easy access.  We needed to do a shoot with a few of the new pieces so we decided to head down to the river in what is affectionately called

“Frog Town”!!!

  There can be a lot that goes into a shoot but we tried to pair it down so we could be mobile.  My boyfriend, Demetrius, graciously helped out with photography and is seen “getting a shot” for our Frog Town Fashion Photo Shoot! IMG_3090     A Blue Heron helped out and added great background as well. I love spotting nature in Los Angeles for it gives me hope that

we aren’t completely doomed!

  I love the candid group shot of the team, which includes Jenna and Leslie who help tremendously with every aspect of running Matrushka and are good sports on location.  Jo, our model, was also a good sport for venturing down onto the riverbed. IMG_0271                            There had recently been a fuel tanker accident which caused a bizarre fire to occur in the river which was a real bummer for nature always struggles to survive in these urban conditions.  The silver lining was it made and interesting setting for a picture. IMG_0429  

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