Matrushka’s Handmade Bags

skirst_side   Part of the Matrushka mission has always been to be somewhat down and dirty and done by us, as much as possible, or that’s what we told ourselves.  So much so that we didn’t even know how crazy that was and didn’t talk about it much.  Over ten years ago, before the DIY movement really got going, we were hand making all the clothes in the store.  When I say we made everything, I mean we cut and sewed every single piece in the shop.  Two women with their combine four hands from start to finish.  We didn’t design it then send it off to China, or hand off to a contractor, or sweat shop.  Beth Ann Whittiker Williams and I, for more than two years, did it all!  It did not mean it was perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we did it ourselves. Along with that notion came the shopping bags made with scraps we couldn’t use.  We didn’t want to have plastic bags or lots of material that would be thrown away the minute you got home. So with the machines we have at the store we stitch up bags instantly for our customers. I think sometimes, as a result, people seem to like the bags more the clothes. Especially the kids! Shout out to this hip blog about Cool Kids and even Cooler Moms!!!!

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Owner and Designer Laura Howe

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